Social Tuna began with one major concept in mind: To help businesses market themselves via Social Media.  Most businesses do not have the time or expertise to engage in Social Media to its fullest potential.  We actively manage your business’s Social Media via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, product placement, research and development, and monthly newsletters.  We give you the option of expanding your market by cross promoting your business with our other clients and their networks as well.

There are many promotional techniques utilized by Social Tuna which are created specifically for your business and implemented via blogs, Facebook fan pages, and expanding your social media visibility.  For example, other blog sites may feature your business which helps expand into their network as well.  Email databases may be created to distribute information to your clientele in an efficient and consistent manner.

There are many firms which may help with the development of Social Media accounts, but this is the easy part of the process. Most developers are not marketing specialists. Many companies can create a blog and Facebook or Twitter page, but the business owners are then left to fend for themselves.   Unfortunately, if a business simply develops a page or two without working the maximum possibilities available through Social Networking, it will not increase visibility or grow a customer base.  For this, you need true marketing professionals thinking about your business everyday.

At Social Tuna, we pride ourselves on both quantitative and qualitative results.  Social Media management must give quantitative results that work by ultimately generating sales and revenue.  Along with creativity, driving your business is our top priority.  Businesses are busy doing what they do best, which is operating their business. Social Tuna was created to help businesses maximize social media through true marketing efforts which yield results.

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